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help4u is an online helpline to help in the emotional, social, personal and learning-related issues and problems of young people between 13-25 years who are in secondary school, college or university. At help4u, we understand the pressures and challenges that young people go through. We are here to offer a "listening ear", to guide you through your problems and provide emotional support.

Are you a young person who is:
• anxious about your work in school, college or university;
• worried about learning-related issues;
• having friendship or relationship problems that are affecting your studies; or
• upset over family matters that are affecting your studies?

Help is only a mouse click away. Write to us here.

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Important Note:

1. This helpline does not provide tuition services or advice to students seeking assistance in doing their homework, assignments and projects.
2. Our volunteers reserve the right to advise our users to contact other agencies if it is considered to be in their best interest.