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At help4u, we understand that young people face overwhelming challenges in the numerous aspects of life. So we are here to listen to you and to guide you through those rough patches.

Sharing your concerns with someone may

  • put your issues in perspective

If you have been keeping things to yourself, a situation may appear to be more overwhelming than it actually is. Telling your concerns to someone may help you see the situation in a new and different dimension;

  • sort out your feelings

Writing about what is upsetting you may allow you to sort out your feelings and make the situation clearer.

Email us now if you need to tell someone that you are:

  • anxious about your work in school, college or university
  • having friendship or relationship issues
  • worried about someone in your family
  • concerned about learning-related issues


Write to us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Advantages of Our Internet Helpline.